Western Isles average house price up more than 50% since 2016.

Iain Stephen Morrison

Office for National Statistics figures reveal that the Western Isles recorded the biggest increase in average house price over the last five years across the whole UK.

Statistics published in the UK House Price Index (February 2021) reveal that the average price of a house in the Outer Hebrides in February 2016 was £87,494 and that figure had risen to £132,397 in February 2021, representing an increase of 51.32%.

However, despite the significant increase, the average house price in the Western Isles is still among the 30 lowest price areas in the UK, and more than £100,000 lower than the average house cost in the UK.

Confirmation of the substantial increase in house prices comes as young people are campaigning over being ‘priced out of the market’ for housing in the Highlands and Islands.

Last autumn a collective of young people from the islands published an open letter calling for action to improve access to housing in economically fragile areas like the Outer Hebrides.