Uist nominees line up

Chaidh sgioba beòthail agus tàlantach ainmeachadh airson 21mh Duaisean Ceòl Traidiseanta na h-Alba aig MG ALBA a tha a’ taisbeanadh na tha de thàlant ann an saoghal ceòl traidiseanta na h-Alba.
Fans of the genre were able to vote for who they think deserves to take home each prestigious award, with the winners announced at the annual glittering awards ceremony at Caird Hall in Dundee on Saturday 2nd December 2023.

Le cànan is ceòl aig cridhe nan eilean, chan eil iongnadh ann gu bheil a leithid as na h-eileanan air an ainmeachadh airson na duaisean urramach a tha seo. Tha na duaisean seo a’ sealltainn an luach a thathar a cuir air na tha a h-uile duine air a’ gheàrr-liosta air a choileanadh fad bliadhna.
Le ath-bheothachadh drùidhteach air a’ ghnè, a’ ruighinn luchd-èisteachd nas fharsainge le fèisean is tachartasan ùra a’ tighinn am bàrr bliadhna às deidh bliadhna, tha na duaisean – air an cur air dòigh leis a’ bhuidheann ‘Hands Up For Trad ‘– a’ seasamh mar theisteanas air tarraingeachd leantainneach an t-saoghail.

From new events and festivals making history to the country’s best bands and composers, the successful nominees represent the past, present and future of a world traditional Scottish music and are located all over the country.

Dreams come true in new BBC Alba documentary

There are many different ways to approach one’s 90th birthday celebrations but flying a spitfire might not be on every octogenarian’s wish list.

For Uist pilot and author Bill Innes, that was exactly the birthday treat he had in store.
Since first seeing a Spitfire fly overhead in Glencoe in 1940 when he was just seven years old, Bill has “dreamt of roaming the clouds in such a thrilling machine”.

BBC ALBA’s new documentary, Bill agus an Spitfire, follows him as he sets out to realise this life-long ambition.

Bill was born in Kinlochleven, but when tragedy struck the family, he and his younger brother were brought to Uist to be fostered by the Bowie family in Howbeg. A keen academic, Bill went on to study at Glasgow University, but never lost his fascination for aviation. As a student, he was selected to join the RAF Air Reserve Squadron and to his delight, when the time came for him to do National Service, he was accepted for pilot training in the RAF.

Bill went on to achieve his dream of becoming a commercial airline pilot, a job he loved and found exciting and fulfilling. Over the course of his career, he had flown classic British planes such as the Viscount, Comet, Vanguard and Trident, but never got behind the controls of a Spitfire – until now.

Bill is a regular visitor home to Howbeg, where he stays across from the old Bowie family home where he was raised. He has fond memories and many stories of Uist and the kindness of the people who cared for him and his younger brother. A well-known presenter and reporter on Gaelic radio and TV, he has written several books and edited the much acclaimed edition of Donald John MacDonald’s poetry Chì Mi, which won the 1999 An Comunn Gaidhealach Mod Award for best book.

Bill agus an Spitfire premieres on BBC ALBA and iPlayer on Christmas Day, Monday 25 December at 8.30pm.